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Recycled Paper
Image by Jayshree Sharma

Our Mission

Committed to wellness, we exist to alleviate psychological suffering in the most affected individuals. Harmonizing the relationship between art and psychotherapy, we practice kindness to help identify triggers, implement healthy coping skills, make positive changes, and release patterns that no longer serve.

Our Approach

Combining psychological theory and a therapeutic relationship with art facilitates pathways to the mind through the creative process. I build trust in a safe and welcoming environment incorporating art materials, a customized combination of directive and non-directive prompts, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices tailored to the unique needs of the individual healing journey.


Artistic Expressions

Our Values


Kindly Kiera encapsulates the energy that keeps me centered in patience and grace to lead others on a path of growth and change. Anyone can have the ability to be kind, and part of my mission is to spread kindness through Kindly Kiera.


Kindly Kiera is committed to promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and equality in the practice. Biases, prejudice, or discrimination against race, ethnicity, religion, age, abilities, gender identity, or sexual orientation are not tolerated in my practice.


Therapy and healthcare are not luxuries. Art therapy and other forms of healing should be accessible to anyone in need because all humans deserve equal economic, environmental, healthcare, and social rights opportunities.  


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