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Kiera Rommel standing outside on a porch, pink, purple, and green hair. She is wearing colorful butterfly wing shaped glasses
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Hi, Im Kiera! 

About Me!

Born in Staten Island, New York, to a family of powerful healers, I've always been a caretaker. My mom was a nurse for more than 40 years, which inspired me to study nursing in undergraduate college and work as a nurse aide to support my education.

While working in the patient psychiatric unit, I met an art therapist and decided to return to school to obtain my master's degree from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Upon graduating, I immediately submerged myself in the medical community, collaborating with other healers and mental health professionals.


I provided art therapy and yoga to children and women in multiple homeless shelters throughout NYC. In response to Hurricane Sandy, I developed an art therapy program for displaced victims in shelters that allowed them to express their traumatic experiences through oral and visual communication.


In 2018 I relocated to Denver and became certified by the Art Therapy Credentials Board to provide art therapy as the primary therapeutic, and Kindly Kiera was born in September 2021. When I am not lending myself to therapy and healing, I am home in Colorado, hanging out with my partner and furbaby cat, Ozzy. I love to play the ukulele, and I am on a pretty awesome local bowling team.

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Things I love

A very handsome light grey cat with a blue and orange bowtie
Kiera Rommel scuba diving amongst coral reefs in the ocean


The ocean feels like home, I find comfort in the rhythm of the waves. The ocean has many healing elements that are important and vital to my mind, body and soul. I received my scuba certification in 2016 so that I could further explore my love for the ocean. 


Ozzy was adopted from our local animal shelter in December 2020. He is such a gentle and loving soul who is also a really great snuggler. He loves to play with anything that has a string, his meows sound like a chicken, he makes lots of biscuits on anything soft and takes naps in the sunshine. 

Kiera Rommel Art Therapist scuba diving with a sea turtle.
Photo of orange canyon walls with tropical plants.


There is something about these creatures that I just admire and appreciate in the way that they move. Slowing down and taking time is a reminder that I must bring into my life. It is important to be present and not rush the process. You will see some of the turtle figurines I have collected from around the world in my office. 


I have had the privilege to study and travel in the states and around the world. Those experiences have helped shape me into the person and therapist I am today. Capturing photographs of the most beautiful people, places and moments allows for a deeper love and understanding for humans and this planet. 

Kiera Rommel Art Therapist, playing the ukulele


I have a musical background, but I started to learn how to play the ukulele this year. The vibrations and sounds of this instrument bring me joy, and I can't help but smile when I play. Learning to play has brought a sense of accomplishment and has helped relieve stress.

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Using my hands to create edible art is a favorite pastime of mine. Food is a creative medium that allows me to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. Cooking is also a significant connector to my loved ones, both past, and present. I have utilized cooking in sessions with clients to help build life skills, become more independent and improve self-esteem.

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