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Art is Intrinsically Therapeutic


Creative Healing For All

Kindly Kiera is board certified, Colorado-based inclusive art therapy practice and healing studio created by certified art therapist Kiera Rommel, LPC.

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What is Art Therapy?

Expressing mental health issues through words alone can be challenging. A form of psychotherapy, art therapy engages the mind, body, and spirit through nonverbal communication using energy, metaphors, and symbolism that initiate discussions around the artwork to identify feelings and behavior and address and resolve deep-rooted issues. Art therapy is beneficial for treating various mental health issues and must be applied by a clinician trained in art therapy.


Why Art Therapy?

Art therapy helps navigate and process unhealed childhood wounds and trauma on an intellectual level.

Art therapy fosters a non-judgemental environment to create a safe physical body space to genuinely reconnect with yourself.

Art therapy promotes emotional expression and invites the experiences of mindfulness, acceptance, and relaxation while integrating trauma.

Certified by the Art Therapy Credentials Board to provide art therapy as the primary therapeutic, I launched Kindly Kiera in September 2021. I named my art therapy practice Kindly Kiera to remind myself and the world to be gentle and patient with anyone in need. Anyone can have the ability to be kind, and it's part of my mission to spread kindness through my practice.

Hi, I'm Kiera!

Kiera Rommel,  with pink and purple hair smiling sitting on a bench with colorful flowers behind her.


"Expression through ART,

and a kind heart

to listen with therapist K!"

Client Testimonials


"Working with Kiera has been nothing short of life-changing. The person I was when I first started versus now seemed impossible, until I started sessions with her. Kiera creates a genuine and safe atmosphere that is the perfect environment to grow and develop compassion, acceptance, hope and trust in yourself and others. Navigating the world today is easier and more purposeful to me due to the skills I've developed with her along with her endless support."


"Kiera is wonderful. I have overcome so many things with her on my team. She is the most down to earth person I have ever met, always making me feel warm and welcomed. Her kindness has inspired me to be kind as well. I appreciate everything she has done to help aid in my recovery."

Work With Me

Committed to wellness, we exist to alleviate psychological suffering in the most affected individuals. Harmonising the relationship between art and psychotherapy, we practice kindness to help identify triggers, implement healthy coping skills, make positive changes, and release patterns that no longer serve.


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